Unclosed books

I could speak to you but I won’t I could hurt you but I don’t want to I could wish you well but I don’t I could make peace but I’d rather haunt you


She knew what it was as soon as it started. It was like the flesh eating disease, was a rare affliction, but known to everyone and dreaded. In Her dreams the moths came. In the hundreds or even the thousands. Their tiny wormlike bodies crawled all over her while their wings tickled her skin and […]

Ever Have One of Those Days?

Do you ever have one of those days when your head is full of self doubt and self criticisms? Do you ever one of those days when every task in front of you feels like too much? Do you ever have one of those days where every choice feels like the wrong one? Do you […]

Descriptions Without Descriptions

Awhile ago I took a writing class where we had one of my favourite writing lessons. The assignment was to describe the feeling surrounding an event, but without naming either the event or the feeling. When I first heard it I thought it was an impossible task, but I ended up really enjoying it. I […]

Northern Lights

I have a memory of being in your arms, staring at the sky. We were watching the Auroras hovering above us. Beautiful. Ephemeral. Sheets of light wavering as if they had breath. Sails of colour, flowing in a wind I could not feel. I don’t trust this memory. It’s too perfect. But you tell me […]

Heavy kinda days

My primary school ended at grade 5, and every year they held a graduation party for their outgoing 5th graders. When it was my year there was a diploma ceremony followed by a big outdoor picnic. My mother had promised me that she would come, and I was so excited because she never came to […]

A Thing

What if I just want to write words? I have a head full of words but no stories. A mind full of narratives, but they’re all fragmentary and uncompelling. I have a thousands things to say but no audience. I have a million things I want to to tell, but they’re all secrets I want […]

Titles are for inspired people

Words. Lately I’ve written none. At least none that matter. My head is full of empty. I spend my time in the company of dull people who view anti -intellectualism as a virtue. It’s time to plot my escape. Update: I left my job! I got a new job! It’s filled with awesome people! Life […]

Processing, Part 2

Finally, after what felt like eternity, the day came for our specialist’s appointment to get the results of my son’s tests. Naturally we had to spend more than an hour in the waiting room to see the doctor. Eventually they sat us in a room with my son’s MRI pulled up on a screen before […]

Toddler Archaeology

When my son was four, he went to nursery school next to an old Catholic church. We walked past it every day on our way to and from school. For my part, I’d hardly noticed it, but for my son it was different. One say he finally said, “Mommy? What is that man doing there?” […]